• CDC: The CDC offers several resources such as steps to prevent illness, symptoms of COVID-19, and information on cloth face coverings.
  • Immune Tips: Downloadable PDF that goes into some self-care techniques for immunity that you can do at home.
Stress, Anxiety, and Sleep
Allergy Relief
Acupuncture Flu Shot
Immune System Boost

Enhancing Childhood Immunity and Wellness

Chinese Medicine

About Acupuncture

  • Interview with Michelle: Michelle appeared on Foothill 7 TV, a local Placerville news station, to talk about acupuncture.
  • Acupuncture Now Foundation: This website is a great resource for scientifically validated studies on the benefits of acupuncture.
About Acupuncture

Scientifically Validated Studies on Eastern Medicine

  • Study on Chronic Pain: The American Medical Association published this study that documents the positive results of receiving acupuncture treatment to relieve chronic pain.
  • Study on the Persistent Effects of Acupuncture: The International Association for the Study of Pain published this research paper on chronic pain patients who received acupuncture, specifically how the treatment benefits persisted even after treatment.
  • Study on Neurological Pain: Originally published by the Journal of Complementary Medicine and endorsed by the US National Library of Medicine, this is a great study on how effective acupuncture is on neurological pain, referred to in the study as peripheral neuropathy.


  • Restoration Health Blog: Several articles on alternative health and well-being written by a holistic nutritionist.
  • Cascade Chiropractors: Cascade Chiropractic has a great selection of articles on a variety of topics related to natural health.
  • Dr. Anthony Weil: Excellent resource for articles on healthy living based on an integrative medicine philosophy.

Pain Conditions

  • Mesothelioma Alternative Treatments: Comprehensive, well-written collection of complementary and alternative therapies for mesothelioma, which people with other pain-related conditions will also find extremely helpful.


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